Furniture. Green Public procurement, Product Sheet.




Furniture is a broad product group that encompasses very different types of furniture (chairs, tables, wardrobes, shelves, cupboards…) with very different uses (for schools, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, special uses, etc.).

The proposed criteria cover:
• Indoor furniture: This includes indoor furniture for business purposes, e.g. offices and schools, as well as for domestic
purposes. It includes all free-standing or built-in furniture units, which are used for storing, hanging, lying, sitting, working and
eating. It does not include, however, building products (for example, steps, walls, mouldings, panels), sanitary equipment,
carpets, fabrics, office supplies, and other products, whose primary purpose is not to function as furniture.
• Outdoor furniture: This includes mainly benches, tables and chairs, excluding other products, whose primary purpose is not to
function as furniture (such as streetlights, bike-parks, playgrounds, etc.).
The proposed criteria are based on existing ecolabel sources.
The proposed criteria focus on the materials which are most typically used in the production of furniture: wood and wood-based materials, metals, plastics, padding and textiles.
Criteria are also recommended for coating and adhesives/glues used in the assembly of the product and for packaging.

Read full report here:



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