Luxuring democracy.


Tommy Papaioannou / December 2013

We need to give a second thought before each and every action of ours, including consumption behaviors. We need to reward attempts that clearly are on the right direction. Stop using disposables in all cases. Develop a consumer and design conscience with ethics and values for the benefit of all. Do not follow marketing trends and “wannahaves” that are useless. Find a purpose in our lives and design practice that is meaningful and beneficial for our local community, the environment and humanity in general.

As far as luxury is concerned, there is nothing better than perfectly designed, long lasting and excellently functioning products. Products don’t have to be branded and expensive to be appealing to our senses and intellect. Artifacts that are made to last, respect humans and nature, should surround our world. That to me is the ultimate luxury.

This way, we can “luxurise” democracy, rather than democratise luxury.

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