REWORK is Groundwork London’s refurbish and reuse programme, where repairable furniture and whitegoods are fixed up and sold on at affordable prices.

 We currently have two Rework training workshops:

Wandsworth – home to both furniture and appliances workshops, located at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), Western Riverside Waste Authority and Greenford – home to a dedicated appliance workshop at West London Reuse Centre.

 Our skilled engineers and apprentices refurbish washing machines, fridges, cookers, microwaves and lighting, and restore furniture to the highest standards in some of the best equipped domestic appliance repair workshops in the country. Appliances that otherwise would have been scrapped, recycled or sent to landfill are returned to full working order and given a new lease of life. All our refurbished electrical appliances come with a 1 year warranty. Unfortunately we do not refurbish gas appliances.

 The workshop employs young people who have been on long-term job seekers allowance as apprentices to be trained in electrical engineering and maintenance.

 We supply a number of charity retailers in south west London, including our own shop in Croydon, Home Again. You can now view our current Home Again stock online.

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