RSA. The great recovery. Rearranging the furniture report.


Every year in the UK we throw out around 1.6m tonnes of furniture and bulky waste, most of which is buried in landfill or burnt in an incinerator. Conserving and re-using this furniture, on the other hand, would save valuable resources, create employment benefits and provide affordable items to local communities. So where are we going wrong?

The Great Recovery takes a unique, design-focused approach to the circular economy. In our explorative design residency project in partnership with recycling and waste company SUEZ, we challenged a team of pioneering designers to investigate the materials streams and systems that lead our sofas prematurely to the skip.

The question we ask is: ‘How can we design better systems that will increase rates of re-use and reduce the quantity of bulky items reaching landfill and incineration?’


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