My visit to REWORK.

Tommy Papaioannou. 5/5/2016

For those who are not familiar with REWORK, please see previous post ( My visit to Smugglers Way was a very interesting experience. I would like to thank Veronica Mythen (manager of REWORK) for having me there that morning and explaining the details of their process. I have to admit that I am impressed by the amount of furniture that they have in their warehouse. With a rough and quick estimation I could say that the majority of the pieces in there are labelled IKEA. It is easy to identify them. They are well branded and easily recognisable. Veronica told me that people believe buying IKEA is a bargain. The brand is very strong so they are convinced that they buy good quality for money. It is only after a small period of time (that problems appear), that they become unsatisfied and discombobulated. I was also introduced to the term “vintage hunters”. They are regular explorers of the furniture that is given away to REWORK. They purchase from REWORK’s collections and sell in their vintage shops. REWORK is supplying their own two shops as well as other charity shops. They are part of Groundwork London’s (


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