My visit to the WRWA center.

Tommy Papaioannou / May 2016

An educational tour around the WRWA facilities in Wandsworth was a very anticipated event. I was part of a group that was guided through. Jon Long the Education Officer, kindly showed us around. WRWA is a collection and transfer station and not a recycling center. Vehicles from four different boroughs bring here their daily waste collection. It is a massive industrial complex with enormous impressive computer controlled machines. It is fascinating how they can sort out the different materials. Plastic, metal, paper, glass etc get separated and sold to recycling factories, so materials can take their route back to the market. They handle household waste as well that gets compressed and packed in massive yellow containers that get shipped down the river Thames to an incineration center. There electricity is produced out of waste.  A lot of data, stats and knowledge about recycling. Jon also told us that quite a few design students are visiting the facilities. The circular economy is a trend.

More info here:


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