Removing the ‘high-impact materials’.



Stefanie Koehler’s approach:

Working with Steelcase and a small multidisciplinary team, we looked at ways to make one of their popular lounge chairs more sustainable as a product and overall system. Sample of Steelcase’s Circa chair redesign – focusing on removing the ‘high-impact materials’ , in this case the polyurethane foam seat base.

Putting Theory Into Practice

Practicing sustainability-focused design, like any art form, is a skill that requires craft and sensitivity. As designers, we are tasked to skillfully create consumable goods, services and systems that inevitably make an impact on many levels, many of which are not well understood or even measurable. By learning and then practicing various approaches, I have begun to understand design from a whole-systems perspective, considering both the micro and macro scale. This way of thinking has led me to consider the trade-offs — from materials to process to business strategy — that I make with every design decision.


This is Stefanie Koehler’s attempt to redesign an existing piece of furniture, Circa from Steelcase and remove the ‘high-impact materials.

Read more about Stefanie Koehler’s approach here:




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