Disposable funriture.


“How can you set up fairs, create events, furnish temporary showrooms, avoiding large amounts of wasted material?

We’ve come up with a very simple solution that today we put to everyone: CARDBOARD






The Cardboard Furniture is perfect for trade shows, exhibitions, showrooms at low cost and with low environmental impact.

Triple carton is a lightweight, easy to carry and to be bonded as well as ecological, because it is completely recyclable.

Our furniture will be delivered by courier within 10-15 days from the order, flat and pre-folded, ready to assemble and glue.

Cardboard Furniture was the first initiative in Italy to market products via the web entirely made of 80% recycled and 100% recyclable.

When you buy Cardboard Furniture you do something good for the planet and you will be at peace with yourself and with anybody else”.

Text taken from company’s website (unfortunately only in Italian). Very interesting example of use and throw away encouragement. Recycling is used as an excuse to carry on regardless. Please note (in the above image) the dancing female figure, having fun, cause there is nothing to worry about. Just use and then throw away. Sorry I meant to say recycle.

See more here: http://www.mobilicartone.it/


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