Can we design repairable furniture?


Tommy Papaioannou, June 2016

It is argued that it is difficult to design furniture to be easy for disassembly and repairs. There are companies that are already having these features as part of their design philosophy. Nils Holger Moormann is a very good example of such a company that has a totally different approach and look. Moormann’s furniture is easily recognisable because of their distinctive appearance. Usually surfaces are interlocking or held together by tension. Glue is very rare as well as nails and screws. Wood is usually left untreated so it changes with time and usage. Sanding, or washing with soap water, can easily repair solid wood surfaces. Finally separation of materials for recycling, upcycling or reuse is easy and evident. Kampenwand is an indoors – outdoors table / bench with all the right ingredients.

“To conquer this Kampenwand the owner of table and bench doesn’t have to be an expert at the art of tying ropes and knots. Anyone can conquer this summit. The Kampenwand remains rock steady, when properly fixed and secured.

note: Wear and tear, ageing or weathering will change the wood in shape (warp, cracks) and colour. Wooden surfaces absorb liquids visibly. The wood can have branches and therefore shows irregularities on its surface. Those properties should not be seen as defects. They are intended properties and cause an individual character.”

More examples to follow.

find more here: Nils Holger Moormann


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