Grass roots: Visionnaire’s latest collection is green at heart?


Italian furniture brand Visionnaire put on a city-wide showcase during this year’s Salone del Mobile, including an impressive booth at the Rho Fiera Milano. As well as the debut of the new collection, 2017 also marks the launch of a new sustainability programme that ensures all new products are made using materials with a low environmental impact.

Visionnaire is advertising “Sustainable Style”. All new products will follow an environmentally conscious approach.   We read: ‘For instance, the wood we use for the construction of beds and sofa structures is supplied by companies that are part of certified production chains,’ director Eleonore Cavalli says. ‘The selected trees are cut at the correct age and then replanted. For suspension systems, we use jute webbing instead of elastic straps and petroleum-based materials.’ Similarly, upholstery fabrics are all woven from natural fibres such as flax, wool, cotton and ramie, and processed using only natural plant-based dyes and tints. For leather, chemical-heavy chrome tanning has been abandoned in favour of vegetable dyes.

Is this a change of direction with genuine intentions or a marketing strategy? Is this an honest new beginning towards sustainability or just an other case of “greenwashing”?

Read the full article here.


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